Designing Solutions in Educational & Instructional Technology 


My mission: Help teachers and instructors be better versions of themselves through coaching, collaboration, and designing solutions that are effective, efficient, and meaningful through the lens of technology. 


Hi. I'm JR.

I design and present workshops for teachers, districts, and organizations. I coach and train teachers to better engage students and improve learning with the use of technology. I speak and write about what I've learned as a teacher, coach, trainer, and presenter. 

I've been providing professional development in education for the past decade. I realized early on that technology can be the catalyst to propel learning beyond the simple acquisition of information. My goal has always been to motivate students to actively participate in their own paths to learning. I now coach teachers and trainers towards the same goal. 

I'm fortunate to have found the intersection of passion and career. As an educational and instructional technologist, I'm extremely grateful to all the educators I've met and been inspired by in all of my travels. 

Connect with me on Twitter: @gochemonline


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