Hi. I'm JR.

I design workshops and workflows for teachers, districts, and organizations to to help them be better versions of themselves, with the use of technology. I coach and train teachers to better engage students and improve learning. 

I've been providing professional development in education for the past decade. I realized early on that technology can be the catalyst to propel learning beyond the simple acquisition of information. My goal has always been to motivate students to actively participate in their own paths to learning. I now coach teachers towards the same goal. 

I'm fortunate to have found the intersection of passion and career. As an educational and instructional technologist. I'm extremely grateful to all the educators I've met and been inspired by in all of my travels. 

Connect with me on Twitter: @gochemonline



What People are saying

"Finally a session that outright shows what I could do 'new' in my science classes. Hurray for @gochemonline!"
"Fun, purposeful, informative, valuable. Fabulous session!"
"Tons of information! Incredible tools and great knowledgable presenter!! I can't wait to get home and start using time saving tools and implementing sites for students."
"JR brings new ideas and insight to teaching. His knowledge of technology and creative insight revamp material and learning experiences. He is able to foster genuine, positive rapport with all staff members and brings teachers together to collaborate and build ideas. Through the coaching experience I have gained confidence and expanded my teaching practice." 
"I mean it when I say I'm so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work so closely with JR this year. Whether designing lessons, building engaging activities, debriefing those lessons and activities, planning for future school related and non-related events, or simply being there to lend an ear, JR has played a vital role in my growth as an educator. His kindness, patience, and reliability have made working with him very enjoyable. I know I'll continue to use the tools and strategies I've learned from him in the years to come." 
"Working with JR has been a rewarding experience for myself and for students.  The collaboration was truly that - a partnership - that produced better instruction on my end and ultimately a higher level of engagement for students.  Improving the technology aspect of my curriculum helped me refine other areas of my instruction as well; again leading to higher engagement and learning outcomes for students.  JR is easy to work with, accommodating, insightful, efficient, and responds well to PANIC MODE (by me!).  In short, I highly recommend working in partnership with him!"