What I've learned after a year of co-presenting

I made a promise to myself this past 12 months:

For every presentation or workshop that I produce, it had to be with at least one other person. It started out as an experiment. I asked: "What can working with other trainers and coaches teach me about presenting and professional development?" I kept that promise, and here are a few things I learned along the way.

I can always learn something new. 

I constantly found myself observing my collaborator's style and methods of design, development, and delivery. I would watch dynamic presenters and see how they were able to command the room with a simple change in the inflection of their voice. I began to understand how people designed workshops from different starting points; many of which were quite successful regardless how they did it. In the development process, I also began to appreciate other's input to the project. This leads me to the next takeaway: 

I value people.

I enjoyed listening to their anecdotes as we worked together. I would defer to partners who had more knowledge or experience on a specific part of the presentation/workshop. Being busy individuals, it also helped me value my time with my partner. It was ok to disagree on form or function, as long as we worked together to best achieve the goals we set out to do. I was open to opinions, designs, and as gently influenced by each collaborator in a positive way.